Blog Posts in January

  • Basement Storage and Organization Ideas

    Is your basement a cold, drab space that's just filled with random stuff? Does laundry, Christmas decorations, old/broken ...

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  • Home Painting Ideas | Crown Molding, Doors and Accent Walls

    Is your house in a color funk? Do you want a home makeover without breaking the budget? Then turn to paint! It's amazing what a ...

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  • Master Bedroom Makeovers | Ideas for Bedroom Color, Drapes, and Closets

    Planning a Master Suite Makeover The master suite proves the easiest room in a house to makeover. Simple changes can give the area ...

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  • Window Treatments | Blinds or Curtains?...That is the Question

    Window Treatments . Unfortunately they get a bum rap. Today's media frequently bash the poor window treatment, making it seem like ...

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