Blog Posts in March

  • Pantry Organization | Turn Green with Pantry Envy

    WARNING: You may experience excessive drooling after reading this blog post due to an illness called "Pantry Jealously." PJ, as ...

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  • Mr. Handyman: Licensed and Insured for your Protection

    Licensed, bonded, and insured. We see it in advertisements and hear it on radio and TV spots. Yet many are unsure exactly what ...

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  • DIY Drywall Repair vs. Home Professional Drywall

    On a recent episode of Bravo's Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis , the celebrity designer instructed his crew to rip out large ...

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  • How to Afford Handyman Services | The Value of Time

    We've all heard it. "Time is Money."And that is certainly true but only to a point - because we all know that time is precious, ...

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