Blog Posts in August

  • Dry Rot | How to Repair & Replace Damaged Wood

    Dry rot is not only unattractive, it can threaten the structural stability of your home. Understand what causes dry rot, then ...

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  • Walkway Installation Plus Sidewalk & Concrete Repair Tips

    Courtesy of Mr. Handyman of S.E. Tarrant County Installing a walkway can boost curb appeal and bring functionality to your home. ...

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  • Insects in Your Home Are No Good: Tips to Prevent Home Pest Damage

    Few insects are welcome in and around the home. Butterflies? Yes. Spiders? Perhaps the nonpoisonous kind, as they eat thousands of ...

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  • Masonry Repair and Installation for Brick, Walkways and Fireplaces

    Courtesy of Mr. Handyman serving Beverly Hills, Hollywood, & the Valley Is the brick in your fireplace or walkway looking a little ...

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