Blog Posts in May

  • Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

    Download a free, printable Summer Home Maintenance Checklist . 1. Hang Summer Window Coverings Help keep your home ...

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  • Pool Safety: Fences and Enclosures Secure Your Pool & Protect Kids

    Swimming is a popular activity for both children and grown-ups. Having multiple levels of safety around your pool is the best ...

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  • Home Painting: Top Tips for Interior, Exterior, Deck and Fences

    Going the DIY route with home painting, whether interior or exterior, requires a great deal of research. Before you start, you ...

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  • Exterior Painting: Do I Have the Tools and Skill to Do-it-Myself?

    Are you considering going the DIY route with the exterior painting of your home? If so, consider the following before picking up a ...

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