Blog Posts in August

  • Curb Appeal Ideas for the Front of Your House: Doors, Yard & Mailbox

    The front of a house sets the tone for the entire property. Real estate agents call this "curb appeal." Whether selling your home ...

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  • Outdoor Storage Ideas from Sheds to Containers

    Fall is just around the corner, which means there will be lots of leaf raking, pumpkin carving, and enjoyment of the last ...

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  • Stucco Repair and Maintenance: How to Prevent Problems and Cracks

    Stucco is a great way to add curb appeal and beauty to the outside of your home. Stucco is a mixture composed of cement and sand ...

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  • Ideas to Organize Your Garage: Shelves, Cabinets & Storage Solutions

    Just put it in the garage ." How many times has that direction been given at your house? Probably too many for whatever storage ...

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