Power Tool

Creative Uses for Power Tools

At Mr. Handyman, we are known for using power tools to hang doors, cutting wood, and many other things. But there are many other creative uses for power tools. Have you ever considered cleaning, mixing, and carving with power tools? In this blog, we will show you some creative ways to use power tools!

Pumpkin Carving

If you have been following Mr. Handyman over the years, you know that we give tips on how to use power tools for pumpkin carving every Halloween. Whether it is a cordless drill or a hand saw, there are several ways to use power tools to create your own Jack O' Lantern. We have had the honor of being on Fox and Friends the past 3 years showing America how to this. See below.

Cleaning Pots and Pans

Are you a fan of cleaning pots and pans? Most of us aren't and using power tools can help you if you aren't a huge fan. Attach a palm brush to your cordless drill by inserting a bolt in the center of the brush. (You can also use a soap dispensing palm brush to avoid repeatedly putting soap on the brush.) Pull the trigger and clean away! This can also be used to clean tile floors, bathtubs, and ceramic sinks. (You may want to use a different brush for different surfaces!)


Do you have a old whisk from a electric mixer? That is all you need to get started. Simply put that whisker attachment into your cordless drill and mix away! This is great for having a handheld mixer for cooking a variety of things. This can also be used for mixing paint as well. (Again, may want to get two different whisks if you want to do both!)

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