Favorite Front Door Colors & Paint Ideas

One of the most overlooked home renovations ideas is changing your front door color! The front door is something that you see up close everyday (most likely multiple times a day) and something that guests and passersby see frequently. Front door colors can say a lot about the home's (and/or homeowner's) personality. Front door colors can also be identified in two categories: Bold and Soft. In this article, we will go over trending front door colors and what they symbolize.


Orange - Orange doors tell guests that you like to entertain, but also enjoy a superb challenge. Symbolizes that your home is your hobby. Your free time usually is spent decorating, gardening, organizing or tackling home improvement projects that you enjoy showing off (of course!) to friends and family.

Red - Traditionally, a red door indicates a hospitable home. It goes hand-in-hand with entertaining. Although a red door is still welcoming, it also says that you enjoy attention and try to live their life fully. Red doors tells others you master puzzles, acquire the rare collectible and complete what you start, thus inspiring others to do the same. Maybe that's why Ron Burgundy wore a red blazer!

Blue - Those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace and cherish truth. Blue door owners are well grounded and true to themselves. A unsettled spirit that enjoys exploring new ways to use gadgets, tools or appliances to make life better. With a quick wit and quirky way of looking at things, blue door owners live in the moment.

Green - Green doors represent someone with traditional values, is ambitious and strives for personal betterment. They're also good with their finances, as green is affiliated with money. Green door owners see life as a journey.


Gray - Gray is an indecisive color, a mix between black and white. If you paint your door gray, you could be a bit doubtful and prefer to compromise-giving both sides of an argument equal weight.

White - Just like the clean lines it creates, white doors begin a guests journey into simple and organized home decor.

Turquoise - A bit of a unconventional color, Turquoise is perfect if you desire emotional balance, have big hopes and dreams and believe that anything is possible. (Basically you're a romantic dreamer.)

Brown - Like wood doors, brown doors tell guests that those within are warm, reliable and stable. Like the earth. They can keep an even head and are trustworthy. Brown doors also implies that you are a deep thinker that enjoys your home as a space for learning and creativity, you work out your thoughts by doodling, sketching or mulling over an idea.

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