Blog Posts in June

  • A Growing Home Repair Business: Mr. Handyman in the News - June 2011

    Mr. Handyman President, Todd Recknagel Selling a House? A Handyman May be just what you need. Cindy Zynda, owner of Mr. Handyman ...

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  • Deck Maintenance: Clean, Strip, and Seal for a Beautifully Rejuvenated Deck!

    Remember how excited you were the day you finished building your new deck? The smell of fresh-cut wood, the warm even color of the ...

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  • Home Inspection Checklist for Summer Maintenance

    Summer is an excellent time to inspect the exterior of your home to make sure everything is in proper working order. Mr. Handyman ...

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  • Emergency Preparedness: Prepare a Disaster Kit to Evacuate in Ten Minutes

    Extreme weather has increased the threat of rising river waters and flooding. People never imagined the river could rise to the ...

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