• Retail & Shopping Malls

    Notice the paint in your store starting to fade? Time to replace old light fixtures or install new light bulbs? No project is too small for our team at Mr. Handyman to tackle! We are here to keep your retail or shopping mall space well-maintained and attractive to customers. We can do everything from regularly scheduled maintenance to unexpected repairs and new installations.

  • Restaurants & Food Service

    Mr. Handyman understands the challenges and obstacles that can come along with running a food-related business. Whether you are an entrepreneurial restaurant owner or a food chain manager, maintaining your space is important. You want customers to feel welcomed and enjoy their meal in comfort—let our team help you create an inviting atmosphere! We can take care of repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and much more.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Whether you need unexpected repairs or regular maintenance for your healthcare facility, turn to Mr. Handyman. We understand that the work you perform can mean life or death for your patients. That is why we offer reliable and dependable handyman services, allowing you to focus on what is most important: providing proper care and treatment for people in need.

  • Small Businesses & Large Corporate Offices

    Keeping a small business running efficiently can be challenging. At Mr. Handyman, we understand the needs of business owners, whether small or large. We can meet the property maintenance needs of start-up companies, large corporate offices, and everything in between. Our team of professional handymen are here to take care of all the maintenance, repairs, and installation that come your way so you can stay focused on running your business

  • Financial Institutions

    We understand that you need to deliver timely, quality work, which is why we make sure our handyman services never hinder your work. We provide fast, efficient, and professional repairs and maintenance so that you can get back to focusing on what truly matters to your financial institution. If you need it done, our team is here to tackle it.

  • Hotels & Hospitality

    Mr. Handyman is your local, trustworthy source for top quality maintenance and repair services. Our team of professional handymen take care of all the projects around your hotel or hospitality facility. Whether you need weather stripping added or drywall repaired, our contractors are ready to help. We are on a mission to keep your hotel / hospitality business running smoothly and at peak performance.

  • Municipal & Government

    Mr. Handyman tackles a diverse range of maintenance, repair, and installation projects for municipal and government buildings. From replacing that outdated fixture to repairing damaged drywall, we are here to do it all. We can also help with smaller projects like assembling new furniture, cubicles, or similar tasks. Let us help you maintain a respectable image and reputation.

  • Manufacturing

    Our home improvement professionals are always ready to assist with repairs, maintenance, and installation projects around your manufacturing business. From painting walls to replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs, we are the team to call. No project is too small for our dedicated handymen to tackle. Find out how we can help keep your manufacturing business running smoothly!

Commercial Services

Find a Reliable and Trusted Professional

Mr. Handyman has 25+ years of experience servicing commercial customers who are an important focus of our Mr. Handyman team. We recognize that commercial customers often require immediate service and will do our very best to accommodate. Mr. Handyman is licensed, insured and over 97% or our work is completed by our fully vetted employee technicians, who average over 10 years of experience. Mr. Handyman is prepared to service your commercial project needs.