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At Mr. Handyman, we understand the importance of quality products. That's why for every assembly, installation, repair, or maintenance job, we use supplies from our list of preferred products. These preferred products represent the industry's most cost-effective, highest-quality products, so you can enjoy our affordable service without compromising on good materials.

With our preferred products, Mr. Handyman guarantees that you'll have products that match our service in their dependability and convenience. With all of the options listed below, you'll never lack choices--but you will be sure that everything offered here meets or exceeds our rigorous standards.

Using the right supplies for the job is as important as hiring the right contractor. Good materials last longer, and they even look better for a longer amount of time. In short, they're better investments. At Mr. Handyman, we're invested in your satisfaction. That's why we use the best products possible—so when you call us, you know you're receiving the best possible materials and parts in your home.

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Gatekeepers gates are offered in maple, oak, or cherry wood, and dozens of Sherwin Williams stain or paint colour options. What’s more, they’re equipped with sturdy latches and hardware, yet minimally invasive to your woodwork and walls. Gatekeepers safety gates are also removable, so you can easily take them out when they’re not needed.

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Window Well Experts

WindowWellExperts.com is a company that specializes in making window well covers for all sizes and shapes of window wells. We also carry a full line of window wells, hinged covers, decorative murals for the wells, egress ladders, and basement windows. Our covers are designed to meet egress codes throughout the USA and Canada. Our representatives will be glad to take your call seven days a week.

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