Clean Grill

How to Clean a Grill for Epic Cookouts

Get Your Grill Looking 'Grate' for BBQ Season

Sometimes it feels like it takes your grill hours to heat up - especially when you're hungry! Rest assured there's an easy way to prevent hangry mobs at your next cookout: A good, thorough cleaning can help your grill heat up quicker, prevent flare-ups and may even increase its lifespan. (Hanger = hunger induced anger).

Follow these quick and easy steps for how to a clean grill:

What You'll Need:

  • Medium-size bucket
  • Dish soap & water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rags or paper towel
  • Wire brush (or aluminum foil)
  • Flashlight

Step 1: Before cleaning a grill, whether it is gas or charcoal, put on some gloves and old clothes - you will get dirty!
Step 2: Make sure that your grill is not on. If cleaning a gas grill, disconnect the propane tank for safety.
Step 3: Grab a bucket and fill it with some warm water and dish soap. If your grates are too large for your bucket, try using a facility sink. Otherwise, use a soapy rag to wipe down the grates, leaving the suds on the grate. Let the grates sit with the soapy water for a few minutes and hose them off.
Step 4: Remove the grates and let them soak in the bucket for the remainder of your time cleaning. This helps loosen some of the crusted soot.
Step 5: Using your flashlight, inspect the interior of the grill and make sure you can still see the burners. If they look blocked, use your wire brush to scratch off any soot.
Pro tip: If you don't have a wire brush, grab some aluminum foil and crumple it into a ball.
Step 6: Remove your grates from the bucket and scrape them down using your wire brush.
Step 7: Using a damp rag, wipe down the grates one last time, making sure to get in the corners if possible.
Step 8: Replace the grates in the grill and reconnect the propane tank (if removed).

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