Electrical Services

Taking Care of Your To-Do List

Mr. Handyman knows that electrical projects can easily pile up on your to-do list. From hard-to-reach light bulbs to installing new light fixtures, our home improvement professionals can tackle any project you need, whether big or small. If you need electrical services, but feel like calling an electrician may be a little overkill, our handymen are the perfect solution! We can perform electrical installation of appliances such as ceiling fans, repair damaged light switches and dimmers, and restore light fixtures to glowing beauty.
Electrical services are subject to provincial and local licensing requirements and therefore may not be available at all locations. Contact your local Mr. Handyman for more information.

*Some services subject to local and provincial licensing and may not be available at all locations.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

    Ceiling fans can add lighting and air to a room for less utility cost than air conditioning. More than that, they can add to the decor of a room through different fan designs that are available. Whether you want to replace your current fan or install a new one entirely, the home repair experts at Mr. Handyman are ready to help with our average of 10 years’ experience and skill.

  • Dimmers, Timers & Motion Detectors

    Control your home’s lighting even more precisely with dimmers, timers, and motion detectors. Increase the functionality of your light fixtures, adding both security, energy efficiency, and control. Mr. Handyman’s experts can help you choose the best products for your home, and install them on the same visit! One appointment can transform the lighting of your home, so call Mr. Handyman today!

  • Hard to Reach Light Bulbs and Smoke Detectors

    Certain parts of your home are difficult to access. Trying to stand on your bar chairs to get to your high-placed light bulbs or smoke detectors is not only inefficient—it’s dangerous. Call Mr. Handyman today. One short visit, and we will be able to replace all of your hard-to-reach light bulbs and make sure your smoke detectors are in perfect working order. Keep yourself and your home safe—contact your local Mr. Handyman.

  • Light Fixture Installation & Repair

    One of the easiest, fastest ways to upgrade your home is by installing new light fixtures or repairing the ones that you have. With our help, you can achieve the soft, flattering light or crisp, clean light that you desire!

  • Loose Wall Switches & Socket Repair

    Have you noticed that wall switches and sockets around your home have begun to become loose? If so, do not hesitate to contact our professionals. We can provide repairs that keep you and your family safe.

handyman installing light fixture