Garage services

Trust Your Local Mr. Handyman

Don't let your garage become the one part of the house you avoid! Whether you need to reorganize your belongings and install new storage spaces or want to transform your garage into the perfect home gym or workshop, our team of home improvement professionals at Mr. Handyman can get the job done. We can paint, install, build, haul, and repair anything you can dream up around your garage! Let us help you restore a little order and structure in your home garage so that you can utilize the extra space however you want to.

  • Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Installation

    Your garage is likely used to store your cars after recent use. That can make it very hot and filled with dangerous carbon monoxide and pollution. One of the ways you can reduce your garage temperature and help ventilate exhaust is by installing a fan. Exhaust and ventilation fans can also help remove odours, moisture (which can lead to mould), and toxic fumes from fertilizers, paint, and other materials. Our professionals can install a fan in no time, even adding a time control or motion sensor if you want!

    All electrical services are subject to local licensing requirements. Check with your local Mr. Handyman to learn more.

  • Garage Door Opener Installation

    Some garage door openers are extremely loud and jerky. Others can be downright unreliable. Whether you need help installing a new garage door opener or need help replacing the garage door safety sensors, we can help. Mr. Handyman is the one-call solution for all of your garage door needs.

  • Garage Door Weather Stripping

    You can keep your garage’s temperature moderate and eliminate outside air seeping into your home by weather stripping your garage door! Our local handymen can get to work right away selecting the right weather stripping and installing it right away for effective results. If you use your garage as a workshop or gym, weather stripping can be extremely beneficial!

  • Garage Floor Coating

    Make sure your garage looks its best for years to come by scheduling garage floor coating services with your local Mr. Handyman. A new coating can help protect your floors and prevent oil stains and other blemishes. In addition, a new garage floor coating can also add antiskid, giving you more grip on rainy or snowy days. We can start by pressure washing your floor then finish it off with a beautiful new coat. Talk to our home improvement experts about our garage floor services today!

  • Garage Organization & Storage

    Free up space in your garage and give it new life with shelving, ceiling storage, countertops, and more! Your local Mr. Handyman can build custom shelving for your garage that suits your needs and matches your style. If you’ve already gotten a store-bought solution, we can assemble and install it for you! Let us help you maximize your wall space and storage design in your garage.

  • Handrails & Stairs Installation

    The accessibility of your garage-to-house entrance can be improved with handrails and stairs! Installing handrails and stairs can improve your garage’s functionality and capability, while ensuring that your family can enter the garage quickly and safely. Mr. Handyman can install a safer entryway from your garage to your home!

  • Light Fixture Installation & Repair

    Many garages serve as homeowners’ workspaces. If that’s the case for you, make sure that you’re working in well-lit conditions! Mr. Handyman can repair or install light fixtures in your garage to ensure that you are not working in the dark. Our workmanship can hide unattractive or cluttered wiring while providing higher-quality lighting, giving your garage a clean and inviting look.

    Electrical services are subject to licensing requirements at different regional levels, so they may not be available everywhere. Contact your local Mr. Handyman today to learn more.

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