Maintenance Services

We Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

Over time, your home can fall victim to normal wear and tear of living-and things that may seem little can add up quickly. That is why we recommend scheduling regular maintenance with our experienced handymen. We can come to your home and handle everything from cleaning up your attic to replacing your grout to even repairing a faucet in your bathroom. If it is a project that you need handled, you can trust us to get it done.

  • Attic Maintenance

    Although your attic can often be an overlooked area of your home, it can be a critical component in keeping your house more energy efficient. Call to learn about the maintenance services that can keep it at its best.

  • Bathroom Maintenance

    As one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in your house, the bathroom can suffer from a lot of abuse. Let our team keep it maintained and safe with services that range from faucet repair to drywall patching.

  • Garage Maintenance

    You don’t have to live with a cluttered garage. Contact Mr. Handyman and let us install new storage racks, fix any broken windows, or even install a new ventilation fan. We can keep your garage in peak condition!

  • Kitchen Maintenance

    If your kitchen is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it is time to give us a call. With our maintenance services, we can not only keep your kitchen beautiful, but we can keep it functional for years to come.

  • Outdoor Home Maintenance

    With different seasons, comes the need for different maintenance of your outdoor living spaces. From fixing up the deck to installing a storm door, you can trust in the professional services offered by Mr. Handyman.

  • Power Washing

    With power washing, you can get rid of accumulated dirt and debris that may otherwise be too stubborn to remove. Don’t waste your free time doing it yourself though! Let our professional handymen handle it for you.

handyman screwing in drawer hardware