Safety & Mobility / Aging in Place

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe in Their Home

The need for solutions to keep the elderly safe at home is increasing as baby boomers get older and reach retirement age. In fact, one survey performed by AARP found that 88% of respondents stated that having services that allowed them to "age in place" was of extreme importance to them. If you are daunted by performing such tasks or fixes around your home by yourself, just give our team a call!
We can help modify you or your loved one’s home to allow for safety, mobility, and aging in place by:

  • Installing guard and handrails on the stairways
  • Assembling safer, more accessible furniture
  • Widening doorways for easier movement
  • Raising toilet seats to make them safer
  • Installing grab bars in tubs and showers
  • Enhancing lighting fixtures for improved visibility
  • Replacing cabinet and door handles entirely
  • Moving light switches and electrical plugs

Aging Comfortably at Home

There are quite a few options for caring for aging loved ones, but few compare to allowing them to stay at home. However, this comes with numerous risks. As health and mobility deteriorate, so does the ability to handle everyday tasks and chores. That’s where Mr. Handyman comes in. We offer a wide variety of services that will allow our elderly customers to avoid risking injury by leaving many of their repair and installation services to our team.

Mr. Handyman has helped many aging customers by making their homes more convenient and accessible. With each passing year, they may need additional assistance or adjustments made to ensure their safety. We’re always here to help and look forward to making the later years as comfortable as possible.

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If you think that it is time for some upgrades and modifications to be made, we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible. Each of our professionals has an average of 10 years’ industry experience, and we back all of our workmanship with a Done Right Guarantee. To learn about how we can help, give us a call!

handicap friendly shower with safety rails and bench