Homes suffer drywall damage due to various factors, including structural issues, settling foundations, moisture, pets, children, and general wear and tear. Mr. Handyman of Niagara Region offers a variety of local services, including drywall repair, to restore your home's original beauty.

We serve the entire Niagara Region, including St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Thorold, and Wainfleet.

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Drywall Repair Services

We understand how challenging it can be to repair drywall by yourself. Don't put yourself through the stress and risk a sub-par DIY job — Mr. Handyman of Niagara Region has drywall specialists with the skill and experience to take on all your drywall repair needs. Just give us a call!

Drywall Ceiling Repair

Handyman performing drywall repair on the ceiling.

Many factors may cause ceiling damage, including moisture, settling foundations, and hanging various household decor items. Our drywall ceiling repair specialists can address the underlying causes of the damage and make your ceiling look new.

Drywall Crack Repair

Handyman drywall repair.

At Mr. Handyman of Niagara Region, we know how unsightly drywall cracks can be. Cracks commonly occur in drywall due to everything from a hard impact, water leaks, dry conditions, or a shifting foundation. Our team offers prompt, dependable drywall crack repair service, making your walls look great and fixing any structural damage.

Drywall Hole Repair

Handyman drywall repair.

Sometimes holes and large gouges in the wall can be caused by children roughhousing, direct impact, moving furniture, water damage, or decorating. Based on the size and the extent of the damage, we'll either patch or replace the damaged section and make sure the wall is structurally sound and restored to its original condition. Let Mr. Handyman of Niagara Region help with your drywall hole repair needs.

Drywall Installation and Finishing

Drywall repair.

In addition to various drywall repair services, Mr. Handyman offers installation and finishing services. When the damage is too much for a minor repair job, we will replace the damaged section with new drywall. We will also provide all finishing services, including painting and replacing crown molding.

We are here for all your drywall repair, installation, and finishing needs. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today!

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