You sure can! Keep reading to learn the answers to frequently asked barn door questions from Mr. Handyman such as: Can barn doors overlap v and will they work for a bathroom?

While it can be tempting to take advantage of this trendy door option everywhere in the house, just remember barn doors can also be cumbersome, noisy and heavy. It’s best to avoid barn doors in high-traffic areas where the door will be opened and closed multiple times a day.

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Barn Door FAQs

Barn doors are taking interior decoration by storm thanks to their versatility — they can be installed in many different locations, used to cover other things than doorways, and even constructed out of different materials.

Find the answer to all your barn door questions below:

Can you hang barn doors from the ceiling?

While this is not the preferred installation method, you certainly can hang a barn door from the ceiling. Since it’s not a common installation technique, there are not a lot of different hardware styles and options. You may even need to have hardware custom made. The good news is that the rollers and door hardware are the same, no matter where you mount it.

Can you lock a barn door?

You sure can! The method you use will depend on where it is installed and how secure you want it to be. A simple hook and clasp on the interior of the door can prevent it from being opened accidentally. A teardrop-style lock is also effective. Whatever route you decide to take, just remember that a barn door will never be as secure as a traditional door on hinges with a dead bolt.

Can a barn door work for the bathroom?

A barn door is a unique door style for a bathroom. Since they don’t provide as much privacy as a traditional door, a barn door is best for a powder room. If you still want the function of a sliding door with privacy, a pocket door is a great option.

Can you use hollow-core doors for barn doors?

We don’t recommend using a hollow-core door for barn doors, for several reasons: hollow-core doors don’t have enough weight to keep the wheels on the track, they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as a real barn door, the material is not robust enough for most barn door hardware, and they’re typically not wide enough. We always recommend using a barn door made specifically for its intended purpose.

Can you use a regular door for a barn door?

Even regular doors that are not hollow-core shouldn’t be used as a barn door. Mostly because they are not the right size and were not constructed to be hung from the top. You may be able to use a solid wood door with barn door hardware, but the amount of time and energy it takes to retrofit this door could be better spent elsewhere. Save yourself the time and headache and use a real barn door.

Can barn doors overlap?

Barn doors can be installed to overlap each other, but it requires a different installation technique and barn door hardware, which can increase cost. The doors will need to be offset from each other on the track or sometimes even use an extra track. For simpler installation, operation and maintenance, we recommend you avoid overlapping barn doors.

Do you need a header for a barn door?

In most cases yes, you need a header to install a barn door track. However, if the barn door is very light or small, you may be able to secure the track directly to the studs. However, not all track hardware will be spaced evenly for your wall studs. This is why installing a barn door track on a header makes installation easier. It allows you to position the track exactly where you need it with the peace of mind it’s not going anywhere, even when the kids decide to hang on it.

Do you put handles on both sides of barn doors?

While not always necessary, a handle on the inside of the barn door makes it easier to open and close from the inside. Since one side of a barn door sits flush against a wall, you’ll need to install a handle that sits flush with the door to avoid it hitting the wall.

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