Installing sliding barn doors is a great way to add some style to any room in your home. They’re perfect for small areas since they don’t require clearances to swing open like traditional doors. Barn doors in houses are available with different finishes and hardware to complement just about any color palate or home décor.

When you need help installing or repairing a barn door, just give Mr. Handyman a call. Whether the hardware is broken, the door is falling off the tracks or you just need reliable and trustworthy installation, we can help.

Beyond installation and repair, we’re also here to help you find answers to commonly asked questions about barn doors, and even help you with that barn door project.

Unfinished attic with brick and wood exposed.

Everything You Need to Know About Barn Doors

Barns doors aren’t just for doorways! This door style can also be used for garages, showers, window shutters, dressers and more! Mr. Handyman is your best resource for commonly asked questions, barn door inspiration and more!

Barn Door FAQs

Can you lock a barn door? Can you hang them from the ceiling? Find answers to these questions and more on our barn door FAQ page.

Barn Door Hardware

What type of hardware do you need and what considerations should you take when measuring? Learn all about barn door hardware for different projects, including doors, window shutters, cabinet doors and more.

Barn Doors in Bathrooms

Barn doors for bathrooms make a statement. They’re easy to install and perfect for small spaces. Learn more about barn doors in bathrooms, and allow our experts to answer your commonly asked questions.

Creative Uses for Barn Doors

The reason barn doors are so popular is because they’re so versatile and functional. Learn about other creative uses for barn doors in your home.

Your Local Barn Door Experts

Once you’ve decided on the look and style of your barn door, give Mr. Handyman a call for professional installation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for off the shelf, our experts can build any barn door for you to your exact specifications. We’ll build the door, source the correct hardware and take care of installation, too. Give us a call today or request service online.

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