Barn doors are a creative way to bring some character into any home. Beyond traditional sliding barn doors for doorways, there are many other creative ways to use barn doors.

Whether you’re looking for some DIY project inspiration or need someone to build your very own barn door chalkboard or barn door garage door, Mr. Handyman can help.

Keep reading to learn creative ways to use a barn door, or give Mr. Handyman a call if you’re ready to begin that next barn door project.

Unfinished attic with brick and wood exposed.

Boundless Barn Doors

Barn Door Chalkboard

Barn door chalkboards are the perfect addition to kids’ rooms. Not only do you have the look and convenience of a barn door, but it also encourages kids to draw on the chalkboard instead of the walls! A can of chalkboard paint makes this an easy DIY project. You can either coat a mirror or a sheet of metal in this paint and then secure it to the barn door. Always make sure the barn door rail can support this added weight before proceeding.

Barn Door Bookcase

A barndoor bookcase adds a nice farmhouse look to your office or living room. Most bookcases have one barn door that slides back and forth between each bookcase section; this allows you to section off one side of the bookcase for items you want to store behind the door. Barn doors can be retrofitted to existing bookshelves, but it will require some modification and carpentry skills to make it look like it was part of the bookcase. You can also combine a barndoor bookcase with a built in TV stand in the middle and use the doors to cover the TV when it’s not in use.

Barn Door Garage Doors

Barn doors used as garage doors add a nice rustic touch to exterior spaces. Although they can also be less expensive than traditional garage doors, there is a trade-off in security and weather protection, since they have gaps on all sides.

Barn doors on garages can’t use an automatic door opener, either. However, the aesthetics and cost savings outweigh these cons for some homeowners. Installing these doors as a DIY project is easier than traditional garage doors, but requires a lot of tools and carpentry skills. When barn doors are constructed out of solid wood, homeowners have endless options of paint or stain so they can get the exact look they want.

Barn Door Dresser

If you’re looking for a one-of-a kind bedroom dresser, adding barn doors will do it. This stylish design element isn’t just great-looking; it also allows you to use more space within the dresser since there’s no drawer hardware in the way.

If you’re retrofitting barn doors on a pre-existing piece of furniture, make sure you have the necessary clearances for the hardware before you begin, and that it can support the weight. You’ll also need to source smaller barn door hardware for these types of applications. In most cases it’s best to start from scratch if you want to utilize a barn door in certain types of furniture.

Barn Door Windows

Barn door window treatments are a fun way to bring some farmhouse charm and function into your home. Whether they’re used as exterior shutters or interior window coverings, you’ll have plenty of options for colors and hardware types. Barn doors can be used to cover picture windows and even floor-to-ceiling windows.

Barn doors can also be added to entertainment centers, armoires, bars, bathroom vanities and more.

Adding a barn door to an entertainment center or to a large picture window is a difficult DIY task. The good news is that Mr. Handyman’s custom carpentry services can build the exact barn door you’re looking for and will finish it to our exact specifications.

Your Local Barn Door Experts

Whether you need a barn door installed in a dresser, on your garage, or you want a custom-built entertainment center with barn doors, Mr. Handyman can help. With years of experience and our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll get exactly what you want. Give us a call today or request service online.

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