As space is getting increasingly precious, storage solutions for both homes and businesses have become more challenging than ever before. Whether you are a homeowner looking to customize the storage components of your walk-in closet, or a retailer who wants to improve the way to display and store your merchandise, you will find the standard storage components in the market offer little flexibility, and seldom fully utilize the available space. Alternatively, a made-to-measure custom solution that requires extensive carpentry work can be cost-prohibitive.

An unfinished attic showing exposed brick and wood.

Mr. Handyman of Richmond and Delta is now offering innovative storage solutions that provide quality, flexibility, and value. Using proprietary software, we can showcase a range of closet storage options on-site for your review. You can order from a wide range of quality components, finishes, features, and decorative accessories –custom-cut to precisely fit your storage area. Our professional handymen can help remove existing closets and re-finish the walls as necessary, prior to installing your new closet.

We use high-quality Canadian-made products and components. All labor and materials are protected by a 1-year warranty. Call us for an appointment with our consultant.

Check out these examples of custom storage solutions:

A custom closet example in brown.

A custom closet example in white.

An example of an open closet in white.

We use E-cab Software Program to showcase various custom solutions on-site for review by the customer!

Four examples of closets produced by E-cab Software.