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Weatherproofing Windows

Protect Your Home from Inclement Weather

Have you ensured your home is prepared for severe weather? Extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on your home. One of the simple ways you can keep unwanted drafts out of your home is by weatherproofing your windows. Mr. Handyman is the team to call! We can get to work right away inspecting your windows and determining if any leaks are present.

Keep your windows properly weatherproofed! Call Mr. Handyman today at (888) 263-7304.

Stopping Drafts in Your Home

Wondering what can make your windows susceptible to drafts? Anything from rotting wood around the window frame to gaps around the window could be the issue. A significant amount of your home’s energy could be lost due to window drafts, leading to more costly heating bills.

How can you fix drafty windows around your house?

  • Add heavy drapes around the window
  • Apply window insulation film
  • Manually stop air using a snake
  • Use sealant foam around the edges

If you need a little help, be sure to trust the job to our professionals. We can ensure your home is airtight and fully prepared for the harsh winter weather.

Weatherproofing can make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Contact us at (888) 263-7304 to let our handymen handle it!

handyman installing screen in window