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Pet Door Installation

Making Your Home More Accessible for Your Pets

Pets become a part of the family over time. If you want to give your furry family member better accessibility and freedom around your home, consider installing a new pet door! This can allow them to move in and out of your home with ease, enjoying the outdoors or other areas as they please without whining, scratching, or pawing. It can also help prevent unwanted accidents!

Most pet doors are made with shatter-resistant panels that do not create loud or unappealing noises when opening and closing. All four edges are lined with high density, industrial nylon pile weather seal to ensure a snug fit and protection from the elements inside your home.

What About Security?

If you are concerned about installing a pet door due to security, you can put your fears at easy by taking extra measures. A simple and easy way to keep your home secure is to get a pet door that includes a lock, key, and / or steel plate that you can add in when you plan to leave for long periods of time, such as vacations or weekends way. This extra security allows you to provide your pet freedom and keep them comfortable in your home, while still maintaining your peace of mind.

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