Picture Hanging Services

Add the Finishing Touches to Your Room

Do you have a pile of picture frames that need to be hung up around your house? Can’t seem to figure out how to get that large, heavy frame to hang securely on your wall? Leave the picture hanging to the professionals at your local Mr. Handyman! You don’t have to worry about crooked, unbalanced, or potentially hazardous picture frames when you call on us.

We are skilled in safely and securely hanging a variety of items on walls:

  • Art Work
  • Family Portraits
  • Animal Mounts
  • Degrees & Diplomas
  • Clocks
  • Paintings
  • Photograph Prints
  • Mirrors
  • And More!

Why Professional Picture Hanging Is Best

While it may seem straightforward, picture hanging can be more complicated than most people realize. More than just frustrating, it can be dangerous if not done correctly. For example, you should always try to select the lightest frame possible to protect your drywall from damage. You also want to use proper support, such as stud finders or fasteners.

Make sure your home looks its very best with properly hung picture frames. Call Mr. Handyman at (888) 263-7304!

room with unpainted drywall
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