The following is a list of companies with which Mr. Handyman has entered an internet link exchange relationship. The intent is to provide a link to the Mr. Handyman website on these firms’ websites in order that consumers can contact Mr. Handyman Owners in the event that they require installation assistance with the various products.

An unfinished attic with exposed brick and wood.


BILCO has been serving the building industry since 1926, making both residential and commercial access products. Specializing primarily in basement doors to allow homeowners to add a code-compliant living space or storage area to their homes. These extra-large doors permit for transportation of oversized items that a regular 36” x 80” can not fit. They are available for both flat and sloped basement entrances and can be installed on sidewalls of brick, stone, block, or poured concrete. BILCO creates many other access and safety products, including fire floor doors, smoke vents, roof hatches, safety posts, window wells, etc. All their basement doors and window wells meet IRC 2018 building code requirements for emergency egress in finished basement living areas and feature weather-resistant construction.

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Bull (Bull BBQ) Outdoor Products

Bull Outdoor Products was established in 1992 with the idea to create a business that delivers that breathtaking "Outdoor Kitchen Concept". Bull now has over 900 distributors across Canada and the United States, and delivers everywhere in the world. Their award-winning grills are manufactured and master crafted with premium materials and are all CSA Gas Certified. Bull BBQ has utilized engineering experts at California Polytechnic to generate new "ReliaBULL technology" to eliminate uneven grill heating and perfect your Barbequing experience.

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Freedom Pet Pass

Freedom Pet Pass cat and dog doors are designed to withstand extreme cold weather and stop air from infiltrating your home. Their insulating cellular PVC frame and DoubleMag™ Seal allows for and airtight fasten that is weatherproof, waterproof, and mold-proof. Every one of their products has been independently tested by one of the leading architectural testing laboratories in North America and has proven to be 10x more airtight than energy star requirements and 600x more airtight than the competing “best-selling” pet door.

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Oscillot® is a safe and simple way to cat-proof your fence without the use of wires or electrical current. It consists of two main components, the Paddle made from high-quality aluminum and powder-coated for extra strength; and the Dual Knuckle Post Kit made from acetal, an incredibly durable plastic. This system is a series of four-bladed aluminum paddles, that are mounted along the fence in between the end posts. Once your cat attempts to jump and climb over the fence, they place a paw on the paddle which immediately spins, sending them safely back to the ground. Oscillot® is recommended on fences with a minimum height of 6 ft. and can be installed on metal, post and rail, chain-link, wooden, vinyl, and masonry fences.

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Structural Protective Products

Structural Protective Products have designed the ULTRA JAMB REINFORCER™, the ultimate in-screen door reinforcement, which can be quickly and easily installed onto all models of wooden door jambs. This reinforcer is a complete kit comprised of a nickel-plated steel plate, screws, and a universally fitting door bracket that replaces worn-down hardware and keeps the door piston locked in place. The ULTRA JAMB REINFORCER™ stops screen doors from ripping out of their door jambs and is the perfect inexpensive way to repair already damaged jambs.

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Temo (TBL Pro) Backyard Living Products

TBL Pro Backyard Living Products are one of the most trusted names in the outdoor living industry. Creating products such as pergolas, patio covers, swim spa suites, screen rooms, sheds, and more! TBL Pro offers a wide range of personalized designs, sizes, and colors that will maximize your living space and last for many years to come. Every single one of their products is engineered for longevity and is guaranteed to be maintenance-free, resist weather exposure, prevent insect infestation, and offer UV protection.

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Window Well Experts

Window Well Experts have been in business for over 40 years manufacturing custom window well covers. Joe Sikorski, founder, and owner, began this company in 1975 by selling his custom covers to families across Chicago. Ever since then, WindowWellExperts has been creating the perfect selection of well covers, including Clear “Unbreakable” Plastic Bubble/Dome covers and Low Profile Clear “Unbreakable” Plastic covers. All are manufactured with unbreakable UV-resistant clear polycarbonate that can hold up to 400 pounds, designed to fit metal, composite, wood, concrete, plastic, and stone window wells. Along with the covers, WindowWellExperts specializes in custom steel (durable commercial grade) or aluminum (lightweight and rust-free) window well grates that ensure natural sunlight and ventilation.

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