Going to the attic should be easy. Yet when that creaky old ladder starts to act up or those crooked attic stairs make you reconsider climbing them, then it’s time to hire Mr. Handyman®. When it comes to attic ladders and stairs, we offer many different repair, replacement, and installations services. You can count on our professionals to build a cost-effective solution that lasts.

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Unfinished attic with brick and wood exposed.

Attic Stair Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Our attic stair services can be standalone or included as part of our attic remodeling services. We also offer attic door installation and repair services to ensure the entire system is up to code and safe.

Once we arrive at your property and review the attic access, we’ll give you a few different options for your repair or installation. For example, some attic stair repairs are as easy as adding new stair treads or a railing. In other cases, the existing staircase may be so damaged that attic stair replacement is a better option. We’ll recommend the best options and help guide your decision based on your budget.

Attic Ladder Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Folding attic ladders have many moving parts. Since they aren’t used often, these parts can corrode and stiffen up. In some cases, a simple tune-up will get your attic ladder back in action. If not, we’ll need to replace parts like springs or roller bearings. If the ladder is beyond the point of repair, we’re happy to source a replacement and install it for you.

Finally, if you don’t have a ladder at all, count on Mr. Handyman for sturdy attic ladder installation.

Attic Ladder and Stair Installation Service Near Me

Does your fear of the climb make you avoid going to the attic? Get professional attic ladder and stair services from Mr. Handyman, and you’ll soon have easy access. Give us a call or request services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are attic access stairs a code requirement?

Generally, yes. But since building codes vary by state and even by county, we recommend working with an experienced contractor (like us) that knows the building codes pertinent to your area.

What is the best attic ladder?

The kind that you know how to use and that functions properly. There are many different types of attic stairs and ladders. Your options will vary based on installation requirements, building codes, and budget. When you hire Mr. Handyman, we’ll review all your options with you.

What is the rough opening for an attic ladder?

The standard opening for an attic ladder is 22.5” x 54”. Since there are so many different types of attic ladders, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before cutting the opening.

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