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Add Value & Beauty to Your Home's Walls

Walls can make a room feel drab or add immense aesthetic appeal-all depending how you look at. If your walls are bland, have gaping holes in the drywall, or just need some pictures added to bring them back to life, Mr. Handyman is here to get the job done. We can add a fresh coat of paint, handle wainscoting installation, and even hang up that gorgeous custom piece of artwork with professional precision. Trust all your wall services to our home improvement team today!

  • Crown Moulding Installation & Repair

    To provide an elegant finish to the walls, many homeowners invest in crown moulding. Quality moulding can tie a room’s appearance together, giving it a classic look. Mr. Handyman’s team of trade specialists average over 10 years’ experience in carpentry and home repair, so you can trust our workmanship—guaranteed. Our handymen can repair or install crown moulding in any kind of style, from colonial to modern and sleek. Call your local Mr. Handyman today!

  • Custom Bookcases & Shelving

    Homeowners often have two problems in their rooms: bare walls and lack of storage space. Custom bookcases and shelving provide an elegant solution for both! Let Mr. Handyman maximize your storage space while giving your walls custom shelving in any kind of style you desire. Our craftsmen have 10 years’ carpentry experience on average, so you can depend on our professional expertise and workmanship. Our handymen are ready to help, whether you want custom bookcases or want us to install the store-bought shelving you’ve chosen.

  • Drywall Repairs & Finishing

    Mr. Handyman has over a decade of experience in drywall finishing and drywall repairs. No matter the extent of your damage or the scope of your plans, our craftsmen have the experience and skill to provide quality results. Whether you need minor touch-ups or repairs for extensive plumbing damage, we can handle any kind of drywall repair job.

  • Crown Moulding & Trim Painting

    Painting your crown moulding and trim can be time-consuming, requiring precise and tedious work. Don’t spend your time wasting hours painting it yourself, only to have a subpar result! Mr. Handyman provides trim painting with professional results, so you can depend on our craftsmen’s experience and workmanship. We can save you time and money while giving you the result you wanted all along. Call your local Mr. Handyman today!

  • Picture Hanging

    Hanging many pictures or heavy frames requires special tools and know-how. For instance, heavy mirrors have to be attached to the studs within your wall. Do you know how to hang heavy objects without damaging your walls or creating a falling hazard? Mr. Handyman does. Let us handle all your picture hanging wall decoration services, and you can have peace of mind as well as professionally-hung pictures and wall objects.

  • Wainscoting Installation & Repair

    Providing your walls and hallways with a classic, aristocratic look can be as simple as installing or restoring your home’s wainscoting. Wainscoting is a decorative element that combines paneling with chair rails and moulding to create an elegant appearance. Mr. Handyman’s technicians have an average of 10 years’ experience installing and repairing wainscoting in all types and styles, so you can trust our workmanship. Our projects are all guaranteed—call your local Mr. Handyman today!

  • Wall Painting

    Fresh coats of paint are a cost-effective way to protect the value of your home, restore the appearance of your rooms, and even protect your walls from damage. Painting can be both costly and time-consuming, so why not hire someone who can do it right the first time? Mr. Handyman provides experienced craftsmen who offer professional-quality workmanship you can trust. Call your local Mr. Handyman to ask about our wall painting services.

room with unpainted drywall